Upstairs, Downstairs


The matrons of Berkeley Square were not, of course, given to doing their own Hoovering. Nor were they often given to doing their own cooking, gardening, phone- or door-answering, or even their own driving; the domestic duties of these ladies primarily entailed the management of those who did these things for their families. Butlers, housemen, cooks, parlor maids, upstairs maids, gardeners, chauffeurs, governesses--all these made life in the big houses of Berkeley Square possible. Many were full-time residents who claimed the street as their voting address and were included in the decennial Federal census of Berkeley Square. Less is known of the lives of the servants of the Square than of their employers, of course, but acknowledgment can be made in the form of a house-by-house list of known live-in domestics who cooked, cleaned, mowed, and drove, as follows:

#1 Berkeley Square: William L. Lawson, gardener; Zella Thompson, nurse

#3 Berkeley Square: Johanna Boverman, maid; Flora M. Coyle, nurse; Walter Kurzmann, butler; Agnes Saturski, maid

#4 Berkeley Square: William Carter, gardener; Phillip H. Eymann, houseman; Helen E. Jones, maid; Margaret Jordan, maid; Teresa Lee, maid; Clara H. Miller, housekeeper; Anna C. Olson, maid; Adelaide R. Piatrowski, housekeeper

#5 Berkeley Square: Charles Benda, houseman; Edith Brask, maid; Lydia M. Eugh, maid; Roscoe C. Genzard, chauffeur; Frances Hodgman, governess; Charles Link, chauffeur; Marie Nelson, maid; Joseph F, Prendergast, gardener; Margaret Streeter, stenographer; Jack Wilson, chauffeur

#6  Berkeley Square: George Furey, chauffeur; Quan Hong, cook; Aagot Larssen, maid; Mary Agnes Mullen, maid; Anna I. Pefaur, maid; Cecile Reimer, maid; Charles Sisson, cook; Maria Valsecchi, maid

#7 Berkeley Square: Louise Bucholz, nurse; Therese Hoelzl, maid; Florentin Maucoronel, gardener; Charles Miller, gardener; Wilma Newman, maid; Edgar W. Robinson, chauffeur; George W. Taplin, chauffeur; Eliza Weidemeyer, housekeeper

#8 Berkeley Square: Leola Baxter, housekeeper

#9 Berkeley Square: Lucy Harman, housekeeper; Anna K. Pehoushek, housekeeper; Margaret C. Sheridan, maid

#10 Berkeley Square: Eliza A. Danforth, maid

#11 Berkeley Square: Freda Erickson, maid; Marie Hector, maid; Minnie Johnson, cook; Marie Metzger, maid; Augusta Petersen, maid; Charity G. Shimek, cook; Eva L. Woodward, governess

#12 Berkeley Square: Bertha Ferguson, maid; Pauline Workman, nurse

#14 Berkeley Square: Fannie M. Brubaker, housekeeper; Rose Hanford, maid; Lillian Hines, housekeeper; Carrie Jacobsen, maid; Anna Nelson, maid; May E. Scott, housekeeper

#15 Berkeley Square: William M. Dunn, gardener; Teresa B. Fitzpatrick, cook; Laura McPherson, cook; Edward Pendleton, chauffeur; Anna Visneir, maid

#16 Berkeley Square: Walter H. Barneberg, gardener; Ruth Moody, maid

#17 Berkeley Square: Hattie Hall, cook

#18 Berkeley Square: Elizabeth Boyd, housekeeper; Flora Coyra, maid; George T. Hill, chauffeur; Mary Kearns, maid; Robert P. Lyle, gardener; Anne T. Reilly, nurse; Annie Wagner, maid

#19 Berkeley Square: Irene Hulley, governess; Eunice Lawrence, cleaner

#20 Berkeley Square: Royal R. Mabry, chauffeur; Joseph Slater, gardener

#21 Berkeley Square: Charles Cross, butler; Orpha Hanson, maid; Emma Tower, nurse

#22 Berkeley Square: Annie Gillin, maid; Emily Schmoekel, maid; Angelina Seyffert, beauty operator; Rochelle Veil, maid; A. Jean Yarborough, chauffeur

#24 Berkeley Square: Sarah Lewis, maid; Rufus Paul Ruff, chauffeur

#25 Berkeley Square: Paul Fog, chauffeur; Dagmar J. Ostrom, cook; Amelia J. Runzheimer, maid; Lydia K. Runzheimer, maid; Jennie Swanson, maid; Hilma Wickstrom, maid

#33 Berkeley Square: Raoul Adams, chauffeur; Leroy Zeighart, chauffeur

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